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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day - Tuesday Toot

My Tuesday Toot.... I thought since today is Veterans Day I'd toot blow my own horn for being the super duper, fabulous Air Force wife who has sometimes cursed always supported the Air Force. Through last minute changes in deployment that had him go off to War on December 23rd, thus causing him to miss his first born's first Christmas, First Birthday, and a million other tiny milestones. For putting up with long hours that usually hardly ever go past 12 hours for which he never gets paid overtime. For hours spent creating a power point presentation for a co-service member who was retiring after 20 plus years of service. For which I was amply applauded, or so I hear since I wasn't there to be thanked in person, instead I was home, very pregnant, stuck in my house because we lost our second car (yes, the one SuperAirman took to work) when someone carelessly ran a stop sign and hit my SuperAirman, when he was going back to work after a pre-natal appointment. For which I was not so happy to see him do because who cares if we live over 50 miles from his duty station, the price of gas is of no concern to us because we earn the big bucks!

For always supporting my main squeeze and the uniform he wears, because really, we're grateful that we can serve our shining nation, even if to do so causes some minor and albeit a few major sacrifices. Eight years down, 12 more to go till, maybe, perhaps, I'll get to make him a PowerPoint presentation of our life spent in the Air Force. So far it has been mostly great.

Happy Veterans Day

Please remember to thank a service member today. They're the ones who really make the tough sacrifices.

If you don't know of one personally here's a few ways to show your gratitude. Chances are he or she will squirm a little bit, look down at the floor, or turn a shade that resembles a lobster, but they'll appreciate it, and you'll make their day!

America Supports You
Lets Say Thanks
Thank a Soldier

If you're still in the thankful mood, feel free to thank this military wife. I love comments! wink!

You can thank

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CynthiaK said...

I definitely applaud your hubby's commitment to service. I can imagine it can be tremendously difficult to be a military wife. Kudos to you for your strength and sacrifice.

MommyCommunity said...

Thanks for joining our Meme this week!

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