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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Win a Loop-2-Loop Belt!

Over the holiday we were in Miami, and I took the opportunity to try out Loop-2-Loop™ belts on my little boy Mo, as he would be wearing lots of shorts, with belt loops. The pair pictured is a pair that when previously worn would fall down to his hips exposing his underwear elastic, and although I’m fond of his GAP undies, I didn’t think the world needed to know that. The Loop-2-Loop™ belt worked stunningly! The product was easy to use and it is adjustable ensuring that my little guy will get not just a season or two of wear from this belt, but be able to wear it much longer. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him wearing his Loop-2-Loop™ belt on his first day of Kindergarten, and still be wearing it when he begins first grade in 2010! Mo really liked his belt. His comment when I first put it on was “Wow, what a AWESOME belt!” He liked that it didn’t look like his other belts, and I liked that he could still unbuckle his shorts when he had to use the restroom.

Loop-2-Loop™ belts come in various colors and are available in two sizes. Mo who is four years old and wears a size 5T wore size B which fits waists 16" 21".

Wondering what exactly is a Loop-2-Loop™ belt? Here’s the description from their website:

A Loop-2-Loop™ is a buckle-free, adjustable belt that doesn’t cross the tummy area of the child. It is fed thru the belt loops around the back of the pants and attached to the front loops, leaving the zipper and front button area clear. The pants can be unfastened and fastened without having to undo and redo the belt. And the pants stay up! They are great for toddlers, pre-schoolers, kindergarteners and children with disabilities. Loop-2-Loop™ belts solve several problems:
Belt buckles that poke into the tummy area
Belts that are too hard to ‘undo’ quickly enough when potty-training calls
Belts that can’t quickly be undone when a diaper really needs changing!
Belts that have the excess length to fuss with after they are tightened
Once the Loop-2-Loop™ is attached to your child’s favorite pants you will have a comfortable and convenient solution to all these problems. The belt can even remain on the pants when you send them through the wash! They are colorfast and UV fade resistant.

Necessity is the mother of invention as the saying goes, and it rang true for the mom inventor of the Loop-2-Loop™ belts when she was faced with the dilemma of having a son who hated wearing a belt with a buckle, but also couldn’t keep his pants from falling down around his waist without one. The solution a buckle-less buckle, and voila Loop-2-Loop™ was born! It’s been eight years since her first creation, and after some trial and error and a few modifications she decided to market her product. I wish her all the success with her growing business, and highly recommend the Loop-2-Loop™ belt for any mother facing the same dilemma!

Loop-2-Loop™ has generously offered up 2 belts to two lucky winners!

How to enter:

1.)Write a blog about this contest, and place my button or a link to my blog on your blog/website. (If you do so, let me know, and I'll return the favor.) Come back here and leave a comment linking to your blog. If you added a button send me an email with your code, if you added a link, I'll add your link in myself.

2.) Check out the Loop-2-Loop™ website, and tell me what city and state they are located in.

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4.)Twitter about this contest, and comeback leaving me the link to your twitter. For each time you Twitter come back, and you’ll gain a new entry.

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Contest ends January 18, 2009 at 11:59 P.M. Winners will be chosen using


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