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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hooping - isn't just for kids! Hooping: Great Hobby & Exercise

As a 29 year old single mother, now residing in Virginia; which is a HUGE culture shock for this born and bread Californian native (even after more than five years). I found other than my daughter there wasn’t much I found interesting in the small town I now live in. (Yes, I’m very blunt.)

I have a few friends each a class of their own, Nicky (the Miami princess )
Natalia(the southern Belle), Shawna(the peppy cheerleader who was meant by all means to be born and raised in California but for some reason I can’t understand God deemed it better here.) Dorian (the strong amazing friend who's a Mormon ,but I think a closet wild child, wink, wink! Casey (the sweetest hippy you'll ever meet, who as she ever so softly puts it “wants to save the world") Jason (who as he recovers from a drug addiction hasn’t lost my vote for the funniest human alive!) and a few others.

Another pal (whom as I write that isn’t exactly considered a friend anymore) Cole and I, were at a music fest, where I first spotted what would become my newest hobby. To my left were as Cole put it "Hoopers" - to me it just looked like girls dancing with hula hoops, which at first I thought was completely ridiculous because I last hula hooped as a child, but as the night went on these girls went from ridiculous to something my eyes were permanently glued to. I was completely fascinated. As they danced they preformed tricks with their hula hoops that left me mouth open and amazed. I asked about it and came to the conclusion that around "there" it was typical, nothing out of the ordinary kind of like a ballet dancer or a gymnast; to me these girls are both!

I began to obsess, thinking about those performers allot, imagining myself a “hooper”, and how much fun it would be, while reluctant to give it a try because at almost thirty I worried about what people would think.

A few months went by, until one day while out for a walk with my daughter I spied a woman "hooping" in her front yard. The hoops are easily distinguished from the kind you buy at your local Toys R Us because they are much larger and made from pipe that has water inside. Before I knew what I was doing I was screaming excitedly at this perfect stranger “NO WAY YOU HOOP!" Surprisingly she didn’t run for the hills, but instead talked to me which resulted in a new acquaintance and my new hobby!

I picked it up and for whatever reason felt so empowered, letting out all this negative energy, as the hoop spun around my waste, leaving me feeling happy, healthy, and satisfied. Eventually I became a member of a hooping group called "The Boomtown Hoop Troupe" we've actually been on television many times and are in the process choreographing a performance for our local Christmas parade, and I might add when you learn the tricks I do not care what age you are you feel like a complete bad ass! Needless to say I have a new hobby, which not only lets me meet new people, but wow does it melt off the pounds, the second week I lost 8 pounds with no diet change, you just move non stop and it's fun! Ladies there's only one other thing I can think of like that(**).
So here I am, still a single mama in Virginia, armed with a HOO, and I love it! I encourage anyone and everyone to look it up, it’s a blast!



ChristiS said...

That sounds like fun! I'd say you're not in my part of Virginia though unfortunately!!

snowzilla said...

Good for you! I'm a 33-year old hooper who just picked up the habit this summer. There's no such thing as too old for hooping!

Kristen said...

I'm a new hooper, too, at 42. Attitude, not age, is the deciding factor. Anyone can rock the hoop!

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