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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Growing Up Sometimes Works Best If Done In Baby Steps

Last night my son grew up just a little bit more. After I red him his story, we said our prayers, and talked about the days events I asked him if he wanted me to cuddle him.
He promptly responded, “No Mommy, I can go to sleep all by myself.” So I kissed him good night, turned off the light and went into my own room across the hall. Thinking to myself that my little boy at four years old had just given me a glimpse into what an older version of himself will one day become.

Awhile later, my “big kid” called me, saying that he didn’t like the dark.

I offered up my cuddling services and this time they were accepted. I came to the conclusion that growing up is hard, and sometimes works best if done in small, miniscule steps.

As he fell asleep snuggled up to me, the big kid in him defeated for the moment, by the little boy he still is.



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