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Friday, October 17, 2008

Friends, French, & Fetal Impressions

Have you ever seen the FRIENDS episode where Phoebe is attempting to teach Joey French? Phoebe, with her great, authentic French accent, is taking it slow with her pal but he just isn’t getting it. Does Joey know it? Absolutely not! He thinks he is picking up the language fast and is proud of himself. The hilarious bit in the show is listening to how he is absolutely butchering the beautiful pronunciations.

Skip ahead, oh say, 4 years (the episode aired in 2004)….and voila! I am Phoebe, and Sister Bear (my daughter) is Joey. Only, we are not speaking French…it’s English. Sister Bear is almost 15 months old and tries with all her might to imitate every word that comes out of my mouth. She gets a real serious face and repeats, repeats, repeats…only it’s definitely some other language!
Maybe all those FRIENDS reruns I watched while pregnant with her made an impression. After all, they say a fetus can hear the outside world while in the womb, right?



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