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Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Queen Bee, a few Wanna Bees, and Somewhere In Bee-tween

My daughter started Kindergarten less than three short weeks ago; naively I thought the extent of my problems would be whether or not she ate all her lunch and how quickly she’d grow out of her new school wardrobe. I had no idea how wrong I would be.

As of yesterday, my daughter had to participate in what her school calls “A Friendship Group" because she had been bullied by three girls in her class. They are five years old! Here's how my conversation with her school counselor went.

Counselor: “Your daughter is a ‘free spirit’, not a ‘Queen Bee', and definitely not a 'Wanna Bee'. She’s somewhere in between.

Me: “Huh?”

Counselor: “To get an idea of what I mean you should watch the 1994 hit movie starring Lindsey Lohan Mean Girls.

Lindsey Lohan? Not exactly the role model I want for my daughter. If you haven' t seen the movie, Mean Girls it's about a high school clique where three girls ruled the school and everyone in it, including the teachers. My daughter just started elementary school for Pete’s sake! Two days ago my biggest concern regarding her time in school (which is only half day by the way) was what shape I should cut her P&J sandwich into. Now I’m faced with the worry of how she will master the art of delicately maneuvering herself through school when faced with challenges brought on by the “mean girls”, so that she can have a good experience while maintaining her sense of self and not commit “social suicide” in the process or give in and join the crowd, just to fit it. I feel like an Army General thinking up war strategies instead of a Class Mom.

Now my peanut butter and jelly worries seem so minute when compared to the fear of which “Barbie” she’ll become, and whether or not these early school experiences will affect her for the rest of her God given life!



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