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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mommy Tip of the Week

As a new Mom (I’ve actually had the whole Mommy gig for 4 ½ years now) I really enjoy tips from other Mom’s that have helped simplify their lives. So I’ve decided to start a weekly Mommy Tip here at The Mommy Vine.
Today’s tip concerns a great way to warm baby’s bottle.

As a new Mom again, I recently went from breastfeeding to formula feeding and hated the thought of my little guy getting room temperature formula all the time. I wanted a fast and convenient way to warm up the water for his formula without having to go out and purchase a bottle warmer (especially for those middle of the night feedings). With my first baby I had a bottle warmer that I received off of my registry and it worked great eventually however because the water was “hard” it became corroded. This time around I didn’t want to repeat history and was thinking of a way to keep his water warm when my husband came up with this ingenious solution. A thermos. Yep. So each night I fill my Thermos that I got at Target with warm water and I have perfectly temperate water for my little one’s formula. Bonus, the thermos keeps the water warm for well over twelve hours!



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